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Ayurveda Training in Dehradun

Join us to learn Ayurveda – the traditional and ancient Indian medicine science

Ayurveda training in Dehradun (India) is the best way to learn Ayurveda. We also offer Custom Ayurveda courses according to your requirements.

We have designed short Ayurveda training certificate courses in different topics which deal with fundamentals & practical application. Learning & understanding these core areas will help to improve one’s life & helpful to others also. These Ayurveda training courses in Dehradun range from 4 weeks to 6 months & run throughout the year.

These Ayurveda training courses works on a holistic approach of making harmony between body (mind & soul) and the environment by utilizing natural resources like herbs, minerals, food, etc. It’s not merely a medical science but art of life which focus on maintenance of health (prevention). The world is facing a major challenge of lifestyle diseases, mental issues & immunological problems. Advancement in science & technology has made a severe impact on human health.

Conventional medicine has its limitation in these concerns areas and perhaps for the same reason the landscape of Traditional & Complementary Medicine is improving worldwide (WHO Global report on Traditional & Complementary Medicine 2019). Since Ayurveda is a medical science close to nature, its presence can be felt in every sphere of human activity right from pre-conception to gestation, to food, diet & nutrition, to detoxification, to immunity, to lifestyle ailments & chronic diseases, to psychiatric issues, to improving Quality of life (QOL) & many more.

Ayurveda Training in Dehradun

Short Term and Customized Ayurveda Courses

Ayurveda/ Panchkarma

Short duration courses are tailor-made to share knowledge of Ayurveda/ Panchkarma. The Courses can be of 15 days to 3 months to suit every type of eager learner especially coming from abroad.

Yoga/ Naturopathy

Short duration courses are tailor-made to share knowledge of Yoga/ Naturopathy. The Courses can be of 15 days to 3 months to suit every type of eager learner coming from abroad.

Customized Ayurveda Training Courses

For those, who want to pursue a particular stream of Ayurveda and want to learn and master a particular field, we can customize our Ayurveda Training courses to fulfil your custom requirements.

The host institute is a University level college approved by state government & recognized by CCIM, Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India.

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